We started our business because we saw the need for something more than the impersonal Internet travel search engines that are commonly used by today’s travelers. We found from experience that finding somebody willing to listen to what we wanted out of our trip instead of what they wanted to sell us for our trip was a difficult task. Not only did we want somebody willing to find the trip we wanted, we looked for somebody who would go out of their way to give us the advice we needed to decide what we needed for our trip. We found a void where we should have found the help that we sought. Enter Next Trip Planners.

We have options for every type of traveler. As avid cruisers and travelers, we love the feeling of getting away on the vacation we want to the destination we want. We understand your need to have your trip your way. We are always looking forward to our next cruise and our next trip. We want you to feel the same!

When we go to sleep at night, we are generally aware of where our clients are traveling and what conditions they are likely to encounter. We worry about our clients. We think about their welfare, and we think about ways we can enhance their experiences. Back to the question: Why should you contact us and use our services? We hope we have answered that question for you. Call or email us with any of your questions. Happy traveling!
— Mari and Mark Johnson